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Happy Columbus Day!

By October 11, 2021No Comments

Today, the New York Young Republican Club honors Christopher Columbus, a monumental figure in world history and a symbol of Italian-Americans’ foundational role in American society.

Christopher Columbus embodies values that are disappearing too fast from American society: a keen interest in the unknown, willingness to take risks, and determination to succeed where others have failed in the past. Columbus may not have originated the idea that the world was round, but he was the first one who took action to enable permanent settlement of the Americas. In doing so, he catalyzed the emergence of a new set of Great Powers and the expansion of the civilized world.

Today, the good name of Columbus is at risk; ongoing attempts to malign his reputation abound in the leftist media and in Democrat political circles. These critics insist on cherry-picking from his voluminous accounts of meeting with Indians to find behavior that they deem objectionable. They take his actions out of their historical context, and they contrive motives with no basis in fact. This must end.

In partnership with Lega Giovani, the New York Young Republican Club will continue the fight to restore and defend the reputation of Christopher Columbus. We will not abide by the denigration of Italian-American culture, and we will not permit the evisceration of Italian-Americans’ symbols by the woke mob.