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Good Old Boys’ Club Nominates Another Loser

By February 23, 2024February 28th, 2024No Comments

County chairs and New York State GOP leadership have proven once again that they have not learned any lessons from the New York-3rd debacle they engineered or their dismal state-level performance in 2022. Their shameful selection of Mike Sapraicone for U.S. Senate underscores the disdain in which the New York State GOP leadership holds New Yorkers and America First patriots.

People will learn a lot about Mike in the coming days, and it will leave New York State GOP leadership looking like the fools and committed losers they are. Here is a brief rundown of who the establishment has chosen for you: In recent history, Sapraicone has donated to Democrats including Tom Suozzi, Andrew Cuomo, and Letitia James. In the case of James, Sapraicone recently donated money to a candidate who led the witch hunt to swindle $355 million from President Donald J. Trump. In this late hour for our constitutional republic, make no mistake: if the anarcho-tyranny state can dispossess Donald J. Trump of his wealth, they can do it to anyone who commits wrong-speak and threatens the Democrat elite and its loyal opposition. Sapraicone has also donated to Todd Kaminsky, the architect of bail reform. 

Sapraicone is anti-2nd Amendment, anti-Trump (the candidate who will be at the top of the ticket in the fall), and revving to send American troops to the Ukraine, an action that would kick off a serious war. For these reasons and more, we have confidence that he is a poor candidate for the U.S. Senate, and for party leadership to select him in such a manner is an insult on top of injury to both the current and realigning Republican voters whose votes we must earn in the next election cycle. 

When was the last time the party establishment picked a candidate and won an election statewide or nationally? It has now been two decades. 2016 was a victory for the Trump campaign that the Johnny-come-latelies took outsized (more than zero) credit for after the biggest political upset in the last six decades of U.S. elections.

At no point should we trust the wisdom and judgment of this inept handful of people in a back room. Not only is it not “the room where it happens”; it is instead the room where losing happens long before there is a campaign that most voters turn their attention to. And that’s sad. It must end. The demands and challenges of our time require vigor, sustained pressure and effort, and patriotic commitment to the ideals of this great country and the possibilities of this state—both Upstate and Downstate—from Buffalo to Long Island. 

For these reasons and more, the New York Young Republican Club encourages its membership, supporters, and fans (of the friendly kind and adversarial kind) to consider favorably every candidate in both this U.S. Senate primary and all future elections that is NOT selected by this impudent corps of nattering nabobs. 

We welcome the tears and complaints of those who are offended by this message. To show our goodwill toward genuine, hard work, and actual party-building, we invite you to post your response to this statement and share it broadly. Your rotten hypocrisy will be your undoing.