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By May 19, 2023No Comments

Gutless Democrats Eric Adams and Kathy Hochul have spent the last several days celebrating the transformation of New York City and State into dumpsters for illegal aliens, who continue to pour across the Southern Border at the behest of the Biden Regime. Democrats are the party of unspeakable cruelty; they embrace and celebrate the destruction of our hemispheric neighbors’ societies while cheering the desecration and transformation of safe American communities into hotbeds for alien invaders to pillage.

Democrats claim that these invaders are “migrants”; however, that term does not adequately describe the hundreds of thousands of unchecked people who illegally flood into our nation every day, many of them able-bodied men fleeing safe abodes for economic reasons.

The most recent victims of the Democrats’ depravity are homeless veterans. Those who have lost everything to defend American soil are being removed from shelters and forced on the streets by the same government that they served. Why? So illegal invaders can have an unearned roof over their heads. At the same time, Democrats force children to accommodate illegals in their school gymnasiums. New York parents must again reconsider their children’s safety before sending them to school since aliens who have broken into our nation with no background checks or health screenings must be accommodated at their expense.

Getting married in New York City? Expect to exchange your vows in a parking lot; your wedding may get canceled because these government-sponsored squatters need a 5-star hotel to stay in! At this point, per Adams, 50% of New York City hotel rooms are occupied by these masses.

Ironically, Adams is planning to house some of these aliens in a former Rikers Island prison. They will be the first people New York has thrown into jail in a long time under Democrat rule.

It is obvious that this is all by design. Biden and his out-of-touch supporters want open borders, and, by fiat and neglect, that is what they have given us. There was no “broken immigration system” until the Biden administration undid former President Trump’s safeguards and decided that America is the world’s public toilet instead of a sovereign nation.

These Democrat elitists are now patting themselves on the back for somehow solving a problem they created. They have the utmost faith in their own moral superiority, which they express by giving special treatment to invaders while treating law-abiding Americans as second-class citizens.

Legacy media pundits are complicit by ignoring the situation completely for the past several years, condemning GOP calls for a policy correction and labeling everyone impacted by this wave of illegal immigration as racists when they complain.

Perhaps these elites would feel differently if they were forced to cancel their fancy cocktail parties and campaign events so their homes and venues could also be used as encampments for strangers. At some point, they will realize that the clock is ticking for them, too.

Democrats’ sordid attempt to replace the American people cannot be permitted to succeed. There is only one solution: GET ’EM OUT.