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Establishing Tax Deductions for Adoptions

By February 12, 2020No Comments

Bill S.7685-Espaillat/A.10154-Crespo, the Adoption Tax Deduction Bill, would provide a personal income tax deduction for fees and expenses incurred in connection with the adoption of a child in New York’s foster care system during a given tax year. This bill is a common-sense, pro-child measure, and it deserves immediate enactment.

While many foster parents do a commendable job caring for their foster children, the permanence and stability of an adoptive home is the optimal environment for most adoption-eligible children in foster care. It is in the state’s interest to pass legislation that encourages and promotes the adoption of these children. Adoption can be an expensive process, and the tax deduction called for in this legislation would remove economic obstacles to the adoption of foster children. Also, parents who give of themselves by adopting foster children are performing a much-needed service to the State of New York. It is appropriate for the state to recognize and reward that sacrificial act with a state income tax deduction. Furthermore, the slight amount of tax revenue that the state might lose in passing this bill would be more than offset by the savings that the state would realize due to decreased foster care costs.

A bill similar to this one has passed both Houses of the State Legislature in successive years; however, Gov. Andrew Cuomo vetoed them. This bill is a vitally important one that deserves to become law. Accordingly, the New York Young Republican Club encourages all Members of the New York State Legislature to give this legislation their full support. The Adoption Tax Deduction Bill furthers the state’s interests, the interests of adoptive parents, and—most importantly—the interests of children.