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Establishing a Hispanic Conservative Caucus

By March 24, 2021No Comments

For too long, an epidemic of socialists in the Democratic Party used Latinos as a means to achieve their agenda and rendered moot the aspirations that led our families to the United States. 

The Radical Left continues to berate our culture by forcing us to stand in solidarity with the terrorist tactics of Black Lives Matter, destroying our strong nuclear family structure, causing our youth to waver in their faith, and robbing us of our identity with the use of the illegitimate term “Latinx.” 

To combat these efforts, members of the New York Young Republican Club have gathered to create the Hispanic Conservative Caucus under the terms of the Club’s Bylaws.

Through this caucus, we will conduct outreach to a community largely left behind by the traditional GOP but embraced by President Donald J. Trump’s America First movement. As we have seen in the 2016 and 2020 elections, Latino voters are starting to realize in growing numbers that there is no place for them in a party that shifts further away from their cultural values. We intend to perpetuate and expand the grassroots approach to ensure its continued success while educating voters on how their values better resonate in the Republican Party, and to mobilize within their communities and beyond.

Under the leadership of the original founding members Gabriel E. Montalvo, Fernando Acosta Jr., Aldo J. Solares, Andres A. Aguilar, Angel D. Quiroz, and Matthew Castaneda, we will achieve our goals. We will spread conservative values, support candidates who reflect the best interests of our community and country, and combat the Democratic Party’s “Urban Plantation” mentality to give all Latinos a chance to achieve the American Dream through hard work and perseverance.