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Dictator Trudeau & His Globalist Allies

By February 15, 2022No Comments

The world’s eyes are on Canada now, where Prime Minister Justin (Castro) Trudeau has opted to seek martial law as a method to suppress the peaceful demonstrations against the restrictions he imposed on everyday Canadian life purportedly as a response to the CCP Virus. Despite the liberal media actively supporting the Trudeau regime with categorically ludicrous smears of the protestors, the truth is hard to hide; the protests are peaceful and, by the looks of it, seem to be fun. Live footage shows a multi-racial working class community coming together with soup kitchens and children in bouncing castles – quite a scene for the “Canadian January 6th insurrection” as CNN and MSNBC have suggested. 

Similar to all tyrants, Trudeau wants the people to obey him without question and without the heel of the boot of the state on their neck. He is doing so this time by initiating the Emergencies Act. The Emergencies Act was not used during the Iraq War, nor in any other recent internal or external conflict to rile Canada. There was no discussion of invoking it during the BLM riots that burned Canadian and American cities, destroyed significant amounts of property, and led to numerous deaths. However, now that the Canadian people are successfully and peacefully petitioning their government for policy changes, Trudeau is putting the country under martial law, which Democrats are praising. 

Democrats are backing Trudeau because the left- and right-wing political war has become much more global in scale. It is not just American leftists who want an all-encompassing government, lack of borders, and a populace that obeys the elite; it is Canadian leftists as well. Trudeau plans to use his new powers under the Emergencies Act to sack the bank and insurance accounts of the Canadian truckers protesting. Do not forget it was not long ago that Obama’s IRS targeted conservative groups. Trudeau has learned from the globalist tyrants before him, and he will use whatever tools are at his disposal to achieve his desired ends. We must stand against these efforts. Not only for our Canadian working-class brothers and sisters, but also because tyranny is a disease and, with Biden’s porous borders, it will inevitably seep into America.