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Denouncing the Violence Against the Asian-American Community

By March 7, 2021No Comments

In the wake of continuing incidents of hate, violence, and racism against the Asian-American community across the United States, the New York Young Republican Club calls on lawmakers and law enforcement to intensify their efforts to combat hate and quell a climate of fear within the community. Hate has no place in our society and country.

We are saddened to witness the attacks against the Asian-American community overall. Reports of discrimination, racism, and in some instances, violence towards people of Asian descent have significantly increased in recent years – and these are only the incidents captured or reported. These acts of hate have no place in America, whether directed against Asian Americans or anyone else.

Asian-Americans are a patriotic community that has made tremendous contributions to the fabric of American life for centuries, leading the fight against Covid-19, Asian-Americans represent 6% of the U.S. population but 18% of the country’s physicians and 10% of its nurse practitioners. Like many Americans, the Asian-American community has endured increased unemployment, food and housing insecurity, shuttering of local small businesses, and safety risks to frontline and healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The New York Young Republican Club stands in solidarity with the victims, survivors, and families who have suffered loss and pain due to these incidents of hate. The cause continues to make America a fairer, more prosperous, and just society for all.