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Congratulations Curtis Sliwa

By June 23, 2021No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club would like to formally congratulate Curtis Sliwa on his decisive victory last night’s Republican mayoral primary.

With 72% of the vote and winning all 5 boroughs, this primary election shows that populism, authenticity, leading by example, and grassroots-style campaigning are the keys to victory for all potential Republican candidates.

The New York Young Republican Club was honored to play our role in this campaign.

Curtis stood shoulder to shoulder with us in the freezing cold this past March as we re-occupied Wall Street to show our displeasure with the double standards in our society and the corruption of our so-called elites.

He has been with us since the beginning, and now we look forward to supporting Curtis Sliwa’s efforts as we advance into the general election this November.

We must not give up or turn to apathy as Republicans in New York City. We must always keep fighting for our values, principles, and beliefs despite the odds.

Our city is at a crossroads. We can return to the decades of crime, poverty, and decay as we saw before Mayor Giuliani’s tenure, or we can pave a new path forward with fresh new ideas and commitments to good governance.

Curtis Sliwa has shown himself to be a fighter not only against crime but the inefficiencies in our city, from the tax code to how we deal with the homeless. Curtis is also bringing forward new ways of thinking as it relates to nightlife and even cryptocurrency.

Fernando Mateo was wrong about a lot of things, but one thing he was right on is that Curtis is not your average Republican. That is why he is our best shot at mayor come November.

We are on the right side of history, and our values will turn this city around and make it great once again.

Gavin Wax
New York Young Republican Club