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Congratulations Andrzej Duda

By July 14, 2020No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club congratulates Andrzej Duda on his reelection as President of Poland. President Duda has been a staunch ally of the United States and our security interests, has established a strong working relationship with President Donald J Trump, and has been steadfast in his defense of Western values in Poland and across Europe.

The facts speak for themselves—under President Duda’s leadership, Poland has emphatically pressed for the European Union to regain control over its borders. At the same time, Poland has attracted well-vetted immigrants from the at-risk East who have helped its economy grow consistently and avoid any quarter-over-quarter economic contraction since the fall of communism three decades ago. Over his past term, President Duda set the tone for a culture of economic success in Poland that increased venture capital investment and led Europe in tech sector innovations, expanded the tourism industry, overhauled transport infrastructure, and critically secured Poland’s energy complex by partnering deeply with the American energy sector.

Under President Duda’s leadership and with Poland as an anchor, sovereign Central and Eastern European nations have worked together to implement the Three Seas Initiative, a voluntary trade and security bloc that will further strengthen their energy and defense complexes against the military and political pressures from both Eastern and Western European sovereign overreach. On his watch, international markets upgraded Poland from an emerging market to a developed market.

At the same time, Poland remains a bastion of European culture in a European Union that blatently strives to erase its roots to serve the interests of a globalist elite. President Duda’s commitment to Poland’s heritage combined with his clear vision of economic success make him the ideal man to represent Poland on the world stage.

Gavin Wax
New York Young Republican Club



Matthew Tyrmand
Board of Advisers