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Condemning Critical Race Theory

By March 26, 2021No Comments

Critical Race Theory has recently become a buzzword in Leftist academia and journalism after festering in the rot of Marxist theories for several decades. Americans, now exposed en masse to this poisonous ideology, have been instructed that not to support it renders them racist. Rather than moving beyond race and transcending divisions between the myriad peoples that comprise our country, Critical Race Theory indicts America as an engine of oppression wherein every institution services. It maintains “white privilege” and “white supremacy” irrespective of any protestation they may make to the contrary. Proponents of Critical Race Theory present it as the fundamental epistemology with which each person must view the world. They force each person to self-identify as an oppressor or as the oppressed. The Left’s conscious biases, namely that all white people are born racist and privileged, drive this ideology, which demands blind allegiance without room for dispute or disagreement. Critical Race Theory is authoritarian to its core; leftist academic circles and their Democratic allies now openly promote a theory that puts social significance back into racial categories and encourages the rejection of individualism, a fundamental American value. 

Not only has Critical Race Theory permeated into legal studies and disciplines concerned primarily with “social justice,”; it has also become standard across public education, academia, corporate America, and government. On his first day in office, President Biden reversed the Trump administration’s ban on Critical Race Theory training for federal agencies and federal contractors. The Biden administration has shamefully decided to allocate federal resources to propagating a theory that justifies violence against its critics and to allow for the continued indoctrination of America’s youth, who are being taught to judge others first and foremost on imputed victimhood predicated on the phenotypic expression of skin color. 

State legislatures should fight this cult-like mentality and promote diversity of thought in schools. Governor Ronald D. DeSantis has explicitly excluded Critical Race Theory from Florida’s new education curriculum, rightfully calling it an “unsubstantiated” theory that teaches children to hate America and each other. The New York Young Republican Club applauds all initiatives taken by state legislatures that would prohibit or restrict the teaching of Critical Race Theory. We call on all Republican-led State legislatures to do the same. Taxpayer money should not be used to brainwash Americans into an ideology of racial scapegoating. We cannot allow Democrats to continue using Critical Race Theory as a means to further polarize our country. Fighting back against this absurd theory is of the utmost importance because its doctrines can have long-lasting impacts; American institutions require public faith to retain their strength, and mistrust in institutions and each other will Balkanize the United States with devastating consequences. 

Furthermore, the New York Young Republican Club supports fighting Critical Race Theory in the courts of law and public opinion. Critical Race Theory encourages rewards based on race, not merit, and promotes the false idea that America is an irredeemably racist country. Republicans must shape the Critical Race Theory debate around freedom, meritocracy, and the inherent dignity of every person. Marxist sociological experiments like Critical Race Theory openly reject the fundamental ideas on which our constitutional republic is based. As such, they and their promulgators deserve no place in American society or discourse.