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Commie Chi Triggered Over Dismissal of Unjust Gun Charge Against Councilwoman Inna Vernikov

By November 17, 2023No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is glad to see some semblance of Justice and due process done for a Republican for once in the City of New York.  

We see that this brief instance of fairness, equal protection of the law, and flirtation with the abandoned principle of constitutional governance has set off successor ideology commie Chi Osse, who this past week advanced the all-important resolution recognizing Ol’ Dirty Bastard day in New York City. For those unaware, Mr. Bastard was delinquent in his child support payments despite having plenty of means from his musical career and had a consistent pattern of abusing women, including his wife and girlfriend. This resulted in three convictions throughout the 1990s in total, all before child commie Chi was even born. 

The fact that Councilwoman Vernikov was even charged to begin with in this increasingly lawless city and hostile climate for Jewish New Yorkers against the cosplay revolution of useful and dangerous idiots shows just how far we’ve fallen. And Commie Chi’s outburst is a testament to how used to getting their way the radical left has become. 

His attempt at a smear, “Inna VerniGlock,” shows again how the radical left cannot meme or keep up with the times. They’re stuck in the past and determined to implement history’s cavalcade of bad and discredited ideas for the 21st Century. Little do they know that they’re outnumbered by actual free and fair election results like Councilwoman Vernikov’s landslide win in deep blue Brooklyn and her increased notice and popularity that no doubt reached into middle America. 

We understand that triggered Chi, who wants to disarm every American, is having a rough day, but we have no doubt that his District would be better served by having a Council Member like Inna Vernikov, whose district ranks number one for constituent case services out of the 51 Districts across the five boroughs.  

Get back to work for your constituents Chi!