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Afghanistan Chaos: A National Disgrace

By August 18, 2021No Comments

Where was President Joe Biden when Afghanistan fell? As the once free Afghan people fled in terror from the Taliban surge that has recaptured their homelands with lightning speed, the American Commander-in-Chief did what he so often does in times of crisis, hide. With Bagram and Kandahar in the hands of militant terrorists, and the enemy at the gates of Kabul heading into this past weekend, Mr. Biden was undeterred in achieving his primary mission: going on vacation. Despite the increasing speed and violence of the Taliban takeover, Biden’s Department of Defense shill, John Kirby, wilted under questioning from a persistent media on Friday in place of his boss, refusing to acknowledge any mistakes in the Biden administration’s handling of the troop withdrawal, and reiterating yet again that the military capabilities of the Afghan army were more than enough to prevent a total loss of control to Taliban forces.

Echoing the talking points of just a few weeks ago from the likes of Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, and the President himself, Biden surrogates spent the weekend insisting that such a rapid deterioration was not what the intelligence on the ground suggested. This was a lie. Without American air support, or clear and actionable consequences for Taliban aggression, the Afghan military was left without the backing or guidance of its most powerful international ally, and the chaos unfolding now is a direct result of that egregious error. For months, the United States Congress has been receiving updated intelligence briefings on the tenuous hold President Ashraf Ghani had over Afghanistan, and the extreme likelihood of a Taliban resurgence if American military and private contractor forces were to exit the country too quickly. Biden’s team was privy to this exact same information and yet inexplicably chose to implement their accelerated withdrawal anyway, triggering a humanitarian catastrophe that has already forced women and children back under Islamic extremist subjugation while those who dare resist are literally being butchered in the streets.

So the question must be asked again, where was President Joe Biden? Was he seeking more counsel from his Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin? The same man who oversaw the abysmal failure of the Iraq troop withdrawal in 2011. Was he brainstorming how to spin the polling on this foreign relations nightmare with his Press Secretary Jen Psaki? The same woman who couldn’t tell Iran from Iraq during her time with the Obama State Department and who is now also conveniently on vacation at a time where strong and unambiguous messaging from the White House matters most. It is now clear that while Biden was enjoying yet another leisurely respite at Camp David over the weekend, the world watched in horror as Afghanistan burned after the current American President abandoned yet another ally.

The New York Young Republican Club calls for the immediate resignation of senior ranking military leader Mark Milley for failing to adequately evaluate and transparently convey the intelligence community’s Afghanistan risk assessment. No American, in good conscience, can witness this level of failure without demanding accountability. Furthermore, the New York Young Republican Club denounces Biden’s remarks blaming the crisis in Afghanistan on everyone but himself. While we believe that the United States’ mission abroad should not be focused on nation building, we condemn the Biden administration for its reckless execution of U.S. troop withdrawal and utterly inexcusable betrayal of our Afghan allies. We also demand that the Biden administration rescue thousands of U.S. citizens that are currently still trapped in and around Kabul.