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Abolish the ATF

By June 19, 2024No Comments

As we enjoy this week the vibrance of our latest national holiday of Juneteenth (we prefer calling it “Floydsmas”) and reflect on the current state of our now squarely third-world nation (in April 2024, the U.S. Border Patrol recorded 128,900 “encounters” between ports of entry along our southwest border), we also look forward to the much older holiday of Independence Day on July 4th. This is the day when Americans celebrate freedom from oppression and the early beginning of the U.S.’ manifest destiny. If the creators of that founding holiday saw our nation today, their reactions would most certainly be labeled as “hate crimes”. Let’s review two major headlines from this past week that reflect how the freedom of U.S. citizens is regularly undermined.  

As our country continues its decline, our senile president has announced a new effort to provide a path to citizenship to hundreds of thousands of illegal invaders in the U.S. who are married to U.S. citizens. The new Biden program will be open to an estimated 500,000 spouses who have lived in the U.S. for at least 10 years as of June 17th. Some 50,000 “child” invaders under age 21 with a U.S.-citizen parent also will be eligible. The Brazilification of the U.S. continues, and native-born citizens are second and third class. Meanwhile, Texas National Guard members on the border have begun firing pepper balls at swarms of migrants who are gathering on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande or trying to break through the tangle of concertina wire along the border. Guess we shipped all of our bullets to the Ukraine and the Levant… 

Another example of an ongoing attack on our freedom is the ATF. There is no single government organization that is as evil and unnecessary as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, simply known as the ATF. The death, mayhem, and infringement of personal liberties inflicted by this corrupt agency are well known to the public, whether the incident be Ruby Ridge (shot most of a man’s family), Waco (burned 25 children and their parents to death), or their “Fast and Furious” scandal (supplied hundreds of guns to Mexican cartels). Beyond the big scandals, the ATF has also employed rogue tactics including storefront stings in major cities and recruiting mentally disabled informants (ones even more retarded than the agency’s leadership) as shills. One would think the history of the battles of Lexington and Concord alone would be case in point for the elimination of the ATF. 

One of their latest affronts to humanity occurred in March, when agents executing a simple search warrant rammed into the airport director of Little Rock, Arkansas’ home at 6:00am and shot him in the head in front of his wife as he attempted to defend her from an unknown threat. Arkansas prosecutors just ruled the shooting was justified. The ATF will live to kill another day, and Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport will now need a new director… 

This is the new America: get used to it. 

Happy Floydsmas, Happy Pride Month.

Vote for Trump! Close the border by force. Abolish the ATF. Save the United States of America.