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2023 NYC Republican Primary Election Voter Guide

By June 26, 2023June 28th, 2023No Comments

Tomorrow the New York Young Republican Club calls on all registered Republicans and conservatives to go vote in the Republican primary elections in the Council Districts below. This voter guide is a recap of our endorsements, highlights membership running in competitive Republican primaries, and is informational about every Republican primary being held.

The Bronx

In Council District 13 the New York Young Republican Club endorsed George F. Havranek last month and we call on all members and registered Republicans in this Bronx District encompassing the neighborhoods of Allerton, City Island, Country Club, Edgewater Park, Ferry Point, Locust Point, Morris Park, Pelham Bay, Pelham Gardens, Pelham Parkway, Schuylerville, Silver Beach, Spencer Estates, Throggs Neck, Van Nest, Waterbury LaSalle, Westchester Square, and Zerega to get out and vote for George in the Republican primary election.

This District was won by Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa in the 2021 mayoral race and George is the most prepared, knowledgeable, and community-centric candidate in the race. The Club is proud to endorse him and he will be a valuable addition to the growing Republican delegation in the City Council when he wins this week and in November. Mr. Havranek led the charge for the community against the Bruckner up zoning. This is exactly the sort of leadership and approach this City and our neighborhoods need.

Tomorrow vote for community leader George F. Havranek.


In Council District 48 the New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse member and Councilwoman Inna Vernikov for re-election. Councilwoman Vernikov has served as Republican Minority Whip for the last term and has been the most vocal voice against rising anti-Semitism whether in our neighborhoods or at institutions like CUNY of any Council Member in the City. At a time when the leftist spaces are becoming increasingly anti-Semitic this is badly needed. Councilwoman Vernikov has also been instrumental in backing the blue and supporting public safety and quality of life matters in her District, which encompasses Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest, Trump Village, Luna Park, Brightwater Towers, and parts of Midwood.

Throughout her time on the Council she has also helped start up and sponsor Asian Community Watch, a neighborhood patrol group, and passed a Resolution to establish an End Jew Hatred Day in New York City. Her District and Constituent services operation has been noted by local papers as number one in the Borough of Brooklyn and number two city-wide.

Tomorrow, vote to re-elect Councilwoman Inna Vernikov.

In Council District 43 the New York Young Republican Club interviewed both candidates for what we expect will be another pick-up opportunity in the fall. The Club is very impressed with both community leader Ying Tan and former State Senate candidate Vito Labella. Both have a strong vision for the community and city and we’re proud to have them as members of the Club. We pledge wholeheartedly our support to the victor tomorrow and encourage party unity afterwards.

Onward to victory in November.

In Council District 47 the New York Young Republican Club encourages all Republicans and conservatives in the neighborhoods of Bensonhurst, Coney Island, Gravesend, and Sea Gate to go out and vote your conscience tomorrow for the candidate you believe can help us keep this Republican-held seat. Incumbent Councilman Ari Kagan, teacher Anna Belfiore-Delfaus, and Avery N. Pereira are on the ballot. We wish everyone the best and regardless of who wins we hope to see party unity between all candidates to keep the seat in Republican hands and away from Democrat Justin Brannan.

In Council District 44 the New York Young Republican Club also offers no endorsement, but encourages all Republican and conservative registered voters to go vote tomorrow in the Republican primary between incumbent Councilman and member of the Common Sense Caucus Kalman Yeger and challenger Heshy Tischler. The 44th Council District comprises the neighborhoods of Borough Park, Ocean Parkway, and parts of Midwood and Bensonhurst.


In Council District 20 the New York Young Republican Club also offers no endorsement, but encourages all Republican and conservative registered voters to go vote tomorrow in the Republican primary between Jin Liang Dany Chen and Yu-Ching James Pai. The 20th Council District in Queens comprises the neighborhoods of Downtown Flushing, Murray Hill, and Queensboro Hill.

Message from the Club

The New York Young Republican Club is disappointed to see this sorry state of civic participation, historically low voter turnout, and increasing apathy and despair set in across the City and we call for nothing less than a full-on and full-time civic and municipal renewal. Just 21 of 51 seats have political primaries, which is fundamentally un-democratic in a city who frequently likes to brag on one hand and moral panic about “our democracy” which is always elsewhere, and never right in front of their nose.

The New York Young Republican Club knows this civic renewal cannot happen without a revitalized local Republican Party. It is the job of each Republican Party Chair to facilitate the candidate recruitment process and find quality candidates and for too many years that has been lacking. While we’re pleased to see 3 seats go to 5, then 6, and possibly 8. The decline and debauchery of the city is outpacing these efforts, therefore we must redouble them.

In 2021 we fielded 37 candidates out of 51 seats, that needs to be all-51. We need a thorough assessment of where we can perform well and pick up seats in a city whose turnout was just 18 percent recently and will be even lower this year, and we need to begin preparing for success rather than saying “Mayor Adams is the best we can do.” This defeatist attitude is unacceptable to this Club and we will not take part in it no matter who we annoy in the process. That being said, please get out and vote tomorrow in these competitive Republican primary districts and do your part.

For those unsure of your precinct location or which district you in, or need to check your registration status go to or reach out to the Club if you need to and we’ll do our best to assist.