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State of the Club Address 2020

By December 5, 2020December 7th, 2021No Comments

Delivered by President Gavin M. Wax, December 3, 2020.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Gavin Wax and I have the privilege to serve as the 76th President of the New York Young Republican Club. I am delighted to welcome all of you to our Club’s 108th Annual Gala!

This has been a turbulent year in our Republic’s history. A year I am sure we all wish would just be over already.

Our nation has never been more divided and our God-given constitutionally prescribed liberties have never been so systematically infringed upon.

While confined to our homes during the state-mandated lockdowns we were forced to watch in bewilderment and disgust as violent radical leftist mobs burned down our cities, looted our stores, tore down our monuments, and ripped entire communities asunder.

We watched these criminals and thugs walk free, while Churchgoers and small business owners were thrown into chains and corrupt District Attorneys leveled charge after charge onto them.

It seems our priorities as a society have become so twisted, and so upside down, that we can hardly recognize the country we are now living in.

It is for all those reasons and more, that this institution, which goes back more than 100 years, has decided enough is enough and to push back.

Tonight we gather here, not in our actual beloved but deeply flawed city, but across the river, as political refugees in of all places, New Jersey.

The Board of Governors of this Club unanimously felt that it was vital to overcoming all the odds and obstacles required to host our 108th Annual Gala tonight. We do this not only out of respect for our heritage, but also as an abject declaration against the corrupt political elites who wish to silence us, strip us of our most basic rights, and force us to comply with every onerous rule, regulation, and dictat that our so-called social betters conceive.

Under my leadership, I affirm that this Club will never be silent to the rising threats against the American way of life and our exceptional society.

This Club’s stances against the omnipresent leviathan of the Radical Left have not gone unnoticed. We, both institutionally and individually, are frequently the subject of left-wing hit pieces pumped out by Democrat-backing propaganda outlets, and we have also come under repeated attack from Cuomo’s goons and other Democrat operatives.

Despite everything, this year has been one of tremendous growth for this club.

We can largely attribute this growth to our unwavering support of our President Donald J. Trump. Who unfortunately seems to have become the victim of a rigged, broken, and corrupt electoral process that can only be described as something out of a Banana Republic.

As a Club, I promise you that we will never support the return to the old days of establishment, neoconservative, milquetoast Republican politics. We firmly believe the future of our party rests in developing a working-class, populist, America-first coalition.

A coalition that believes in standing up for the forgotten men and women, for American labor, for American industry, for American sovereignty, for American families, and for America’s Judeo-Christian traditions.

We will not be the waterboys any longer for woke globalist multinationals and the America last lobby.

The response to our continued commitment to such principles has been phenomenal. Our Club’s membership has risen to levels not thought possible under the best of times, let alone during a pandemic; our Club finances remain robust, and our events have continued with the largest permissible crowd sizes.

We have formed international partnerships with like-minded right-wing youth movements in Italy and Sweden, and we look forward to establishing more partnerships in 2021.

We have taken great heat to stand up for oppressed peoples, such as the Hasidic Jewish Community of Brooklyn and the ancient Chrisitan Armenian community in the Caucuses.

We have deployed our membership to support the electing of Republican candidates not only across the city and state but the nation as a whole. Many times sending the largest delegation of volunteers to these deployments.

We have raised large sums of both money and donated goods for our beloved American veterans and police officers. Who put their lives on the line to fight back against the creeping rise of barbarism in our society.

We have rallied to preserve American history, in the form of our much-acclaimed protest to save the Teddy Roosevelt Statue.

All of these efforts have not gone unnoticed. For the first time in 15 years, this Club was awarded by our national organization, the Young Republican National Federation, for having not only the largest social media following but also the most robust of any other young republican organization in the country. This would not have been possible without the great work of our Corresponding Secretary Alexandra Fasulo who unfortunately cannot be here tonight.

I want to thank all of you, for your continued support, dedication, and loyalty to this institution. With all of you, we can continue to be a force for good for the next 100 years of our existence.

I also want to thank my entire Executive Board, including my Vice President Vish Burra, Treasurer Angela Seifert, Corresponding Secretary Alex Fasulo, and Recording Secretary Jaclyn Dolinsky.

None of this would have been possible without them and my Board of Governors especially Ilana Marcus, Kristi De Vita, Nathan Berger, Asha Rampertaap, Francesca Di Paola, Liz Glander, Gabriel Montalvo, Fernando Acosta, and Jonathan Doucette.

So I am happy to conclude that the state of the New York Young Republican Club is strong.

God bless you all. God bless our great Republic, God Bless our President Donald J. Trump. And thank God 2020 is almost over.

Thank you!