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State of the Club Address 2019

By November 9, 2019August 24th, 2020No Comments

Delivered by President Gavin Wax, November 7, 2019.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Gavin Wax. I am the President of the New York Young Republican Club. I am delighted to welcome all of you to this Club’s 107th Annual Gala!

We have been at this since 1911, and here we are again!

Thank you for coming tonight, despite the rain and the protesters, although usually the former washes away the latter.

Now, I am happy to report this evening that the state of The New York Young Republican Club is robust.

Since this new administration arrived in April, we have seen absolutely tremendous growth in every possible facet of activity. Our successes are numerous. We have more than doubled our membership, in less than a year, and are now the largest Young Republican Club in the country. Our capital base has increased by more than 33 percent, under the stewardship of Treasurer Peter Batista. Our attendance at events averages 200 people, and has gone as high as 400 guests. Our reinvigorated speaker series  has hosted Ann Coulter, Buck Sexton, Pamela Geller, Jack Posobiec, Mike Cernovich, Raheem Kassam, Deroy Murdock, Chadwick Moore, Kat Timpf, and more. We also have secured a partnership with Beretta, adopted a new policy platform, created a new brand with a new logo, and website.

And, most importantly, we have successfully deployed our forces — many of you in this room — to support Republican candidates from North Carolina to Staten Island. In fact, our most recent deployment to Staten Island, just this past weekend, helped secure a Republican victory! Bob Helbock is now the first Republican Civil Court Judge on the north shore of Staten Island in almost 30 years. This would not have been possible without the great work of Staten Island GOP Chairman Brendan Lantry and Staten Island Young Republican Club President Peter Giunta, both of whom are here tonight. Great job guys!

There is very little that this Club has not been able to accomplish, and I look forward to even more growth and victories in the years to come.

But beyond the business side of things, the more important changes have been on the ideological front.

This was once the club that gave rise to the political careers of the Eastern Establishment of old. From Nelson Rockefeller, to Thomas Dewey, John Lindsay, Jacob Javits, and more. They all got their start here. That tradition of liberal Republicanism continued until just when we took over. In fact, we were told that if we embraced President Trump, and conservatism, and made waves, the club would suffer, attendance would decline, and we would  disappear into the Ash Heap of History. A quick look around this room will show that we bucked that notion.

I am very happy to declare that this club will serve as an institution to support a conservative, populist, America First agenda in every way we can.

As the city that we all love crumbles around us, with crime, homelessness, trash, and the cost of living climbing, while respect for the police, public safety, and the rule of law collapses. We need to stand firm on our beliefs and principles. The old country-club Republican mold of politics is dead, and will do nothing to stem the tide of globalist Marxism and cultural decline. We are on the front lines, right here in New York City, and we must stop the Leftism that has engulfed this city from sweeping across our country!

And if defending western civilization, Judeo-Christian beliefs, and our national sovereignty means we no longer get invited to cocktail parties and get labeled with whatever pejorative is in vogue among the Left, then so be it. It’s time as Republicans, and more importantly as conservatives, that we stand up and fight.

Thank God we have a President who understands this, and fights for us every day against the devious plots, schemes, and machinations of the swamp and the deep state. Now this club may be just a small part of this fight, but I can’t think of three better fighters for our American values than our speakers this evening and I am honored and humbled to have them here with us.

Much more about them, before long.

For now, I want to thank you all.

God bless you.

God bless the NYPD.

God bless our armed forces.

And may God Bless America.

And now, let’s all have a great evening! Thank you!