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Andrew Giuliani WINS the NYYRC Republican Gubernatorial Straw Poll

By June 2, 2022May 2nd, 2023No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club executed a straw poll of its membership and related parties via an internet survey. Results from this survey were tracked via a control group identified by single-use links distributed via email and text to active Club members.

The New York Young Republican Club has approximately 1,100 active members and continually seeks to engage them at all levels of the political process. The Club endeavors to leverage its unique position to provide a differentiated perspective on the state of New York politics.

In total 245 responses were part of the control group. These were collected from self-reported registered New York Republican voters likely to participate in the upcoming June 28th primary election. Results were as follows:

  • Andrew Giuliani: 45.31% (111)
  • Lee Zeldin: 39.59% (97)
  • Rob Astorino: 5.31% (13)
  • Harry Wilson: 0.82% (2)
  • Not Sure: 8.98% (22)

The full results of the straw poll can be found here.

The Club will conduct future straw polls and endeavors to improve the size and quality of future results.

The New York Young Republican Club makes no assertion to the extrapolation of the results of its poll to any larger population.