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Volunteers Needed: Mark Foley for City Council

By May 14, 2021May 15th, 2021No Comments

Have you ever asked what you could do to help a campaign or a candidate? Here is your opportunity to pitch in on a grassroots level and help a viable candidate get more votes in November.

Mark Foley, the Republican candidate for New York City’s 5th Council District, needs volunteers to gather signatures, in the 5th City Council District, for an independent ballot effort.  Mark’s campaign is in need of people to hit the streets with him and/or gather signatures from your personal network of friends, family, and neighbors in the 5th City Council District.

Mark’s team stands ready to work with you, train you, and even hit the streets with you to gather these signatures to put Mark’s name on the ballot, a second time to increase further his chances in flipping this current Democrat-held council seat.

If interested, please let us know or reach out directly to Mark’s campaign by phone at 917-426-3450 or via email at

Watch Mark’s announcement video here: Meet Mark Foley – YouTube

Read about Mark here: About Mark – Mark Foley for City Council

Donate to Mark here: Mark Foley – NYC Votes Contribute

Let’s get all hands on deck, do what we do best, and take back this council seat in November.