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Run for County Committee!

By March 30, 2022No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is committed to the goal of electing conservative New Yorkers to vacant Republican County Committee seats. in the 5 Boroughs, We like to think we’re building the future leadership of the Republican Party in New York City and beyond, one block at a time.

Political parties in America are broken up into “committees,” or groups of party representatives that make decisions at the national, state, and local level.

The Republican County Committee is a low-­lift, high-­impact way to be involved in the Republican Party, represent your neighborhood, and make change happen at the local level.

In New York City, each of the 5 boroughs is its own county and has its own Republican Party Committee. The County Committee:

  • Elects the Republican County Party Officers, including the Chair
  • Nominates judges to be Republicans in Judicial elections
  • Endorses candidates, even in primaries
  • Appoints the Republican candidate when an incumbent vacates their seat before their term is over
  • Selects the Republican nominee in certain special elections within the county
  • Organizes Republican campaigns
  • Adopts the Republican Party platform
  • Registers residents to vote and ensure they vote Republican
  • Provide a source of government appointees

Who are County Committee Members?

  • Un-paid elected officials who serve a two-year term with no term limits
  • Registered Republicans
  • Elected during the Republican Party primary
  • They must reside in the Assembly District in which they are elected
  • Represent an Election District, which is the smallest political unit, usually comprising of 700 – 1000 people, or 1 to 3 city blocks which determine your polling place
  • Each Election District has two County Committee positions, one male and one female.
  • What will the New York Young Republican Club do?
  • Find vacant seats on the County Committee
  • Identify, recruit, and train young conservative New Yorkers to run for these seats
  • Help secure, notarize, and bind the petition signatures from registered Republicans in your Election District to get you on the ballot

If you arent sure of your registration status please use this form to confirm your party registration and address.

If you are a Republican registered to vote in Manhattan and are interested in running for County Committee please email us at and we will begin the onboarding process,