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NYYRC Files Amicus Brief in Defense of President Trump

By January 18, 2024No Comments

On Thursday, January 18, the New York Young Republican Club, the National Constitution Law Union, and Mr. Gavin M. Wax, President of the New York Young Republican Club and Executive Director of the National Constitution Law Union, filed with the Supreme Court of the United States an amicus brief against the clearly partisan effort by leftists embedded in the Colorado state government to remove President Donald J. Trump from the 2024 presidential primary ballot.

The Colorado Supreme Court led this hyper-political and ideologically-driven charge and erroneously invoked Section 3 of the 14th Amendment—otherwise known as the “Insurrection Clause.” President Trump, who is dominating the GOP field with a steady 50+ point lead over his opponents, is obviously seen as a threat and is, therefore, subject to the whims of ill-intentioned political actors who seek his destruction. They will not win. President Trump never “engaged” in “insurrection,” and the Colorado Supreme Court’s attack must be unmasked as the heinous attack it is.

Thankfully, great patriots surround us, demanding that we not sit idly by as our great Constitution is used as a pawn in their perverse retributive games. Gavin Wax, our committed team and supporters, and others who have filed similar briefs exemplify the American fighting spirit. We will not go gentle into that good night.

Read the Amicus Brief here.