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Establishing an Asian-American Caucus

By May 5, 2021No Comments
We all have our stories and Asian-Americans are no different. For too long the Democratic Party has disregarded the interests of Asian-Americans while always gaining their votes in significant numbers. From the lack of support for law enforcement to protect Asian-American communities to the quota numbers against performing Asian-American students in our nation’s best schools. 
To combat these efforts, members of the New York Young Republican Club have gathered to create the Asian-American Caucus under the terms of the Club’s Bylaws. 
Through this caucus, we will conduct outreach to a community left behind by the traditional GOP even though we share many common themes with the parties from fiscal conservatism, to traditional family values to respect for the law and institutions. In the end, we hope to forever abolish the notion of the perpetual foreigner. We intend to expand the grassroots approach to ensure its continued success while educating voters on how their values better resonate in the Republican Party, and to mobilize within their communities and beyond for the betterment of the nation we all share and love.