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Open Letter to RINO Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis

By June 14, 2022May 2nd, 2023No Comments

Congresswoman Malliotakis: 

We, Republican voters from New York and other states, write this letter to you as concerned constituents and committed Republicans. 

You have the distinct honor of representing Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn, the last bastion of freedom in New York City, in Washington D.C. While Democrats outnumber Republicans in NY-11, one cannot drive a mile without seeing Trump flags or signs for local Republican candidates. Throughout Staten Island, elections demonstrate complete GOP dominance, and in your Brooklyn portion, a local Republican novice just won an election with two-thirds of the vote for City Council. In 2020, President Donald J. Trump won Richmond County with a 15-point margin. The people of your district love our Republic and the Constitution, which holds our country—the very idea of freedom—together. We retain our patriotic sensibilities even as we live under the jackboot of Democrat dominance. Such a community exists nowhere else in the country. 

Your constituency is home to some of the most loyal supporters of the MAGA Movement and the America First agenda. Yet their representative in Congress—you—continually betrays their interests and priorities. Your votes to support various restrictions on Second Amendment rights, including an increase to the minimum age for buying semi-automatic weapons, betrayed your constituents. Your shameless gall in shifting blame to the NYPD for such a vote demonstrates your feigned “conservatism”. If anyone was in doubt that you would knife the Constitution in the back, they may now be certain of it. 

The Founders of the United States wrote the Constitution and protected rights for all Americans, regardless of age. Suppression of God-given rights is not what this country was founded on. If it were not for 20-year-olds with advanced weaponry for 1776 (including firearms like the Puckle gun), you would not be where you are; neither would the hundreds of millions of Americans who enjoy the everyday luxuries of those men’s sacrifices. In fact, many men and women under 21 years old will continue to be trusted with semiautomatic weapons in their military service—but you do not trust them to purchase such weapons for personal use. 

When we cast our votes for you, we hoped you would adhere to your campaign promises of aligning with President Donald J. Trump and bringing common sense back to Washington. We voted for you because you claimed to have conservative values and core Republican principles. We voted for you because our previous congressman fell for the lies orchestrated by the Radical Left and wrongly voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump. 

Your objections to illegitimate electors in the 2020 election were commendable, and we respected you for making them. Subsequently, you walked the intent of your objections back, which we found frustrating. Then you threw the entire base for a spin when you joined twelve other “Republicans” earlier this year to support Joe Biden’s disastrous “Infrastructure” Bill. Where is the money you promised from that for the people of NY-11? If you stand by such obscene votes, why are you too cowardly to hold town halls and explain them to your constituents? We know why: because the votes are indefensible and because the more your constituents learn about your record, the worse your career in Congress will fare. 

Congresswoman, this Wednesday was the final straw for countless people who call your district home. We cannot and will not support someone who has betrayed the very values we sent them to defend. 

That is why the cosigners of this letter, and the numerous John Does who have contributed or endorsed the points made in this letter, are calling on the New York GOP to censure you and Congressmen Chris Jacobs and John Katko. Your presence is deleterious to the state’s party cohesiveness, and it will be fatal to Republican performance should you be on the general election ballot in November. 

Now more than ever, our party must not forget what we stand for. As the party of Lincoln, Reagan, and Trump, we must uphold the Constitution from all enemies – domestic and abroad. And we must condemn, and when needed seek to remove, people like you who hold it in such low regard.


The New York Young Republican Club