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Endorsing ZOA Slate 11 For World Zionist Congress

By February 6, 2020No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is happy to endorse the Zionist Organization of America Coalition for the upcoming elections to the World Zionist Congress.

The Zionist Organization of America Coalition is the strongest pro-Israel group leading the battle to protect the Jewish people through the World Zionist Congress – the parliament of world Jewry.  Indeed, every single pro-Israel resolution and program at the most recent World Zionist Congress was initiated by the Zionist Organization of America Coalition.

Your vote for the Zionist Organization of America Coalition will help to insure that Israel’s national institutions under the WZC umbrella will focus their significant resources, $1 billion per year, on protecting the Jewish people’s rights to their land, combating antisemitism and BDS, rescuing endangered Jews throughout the world, providing positive Jewish and Zionist education, promoting love for Torah, and assuring Israel’s safety.

The left-wing opposition openly says that they are running to “divert” Israeli national institutional funds “away from” the 750,000 Jews living in in Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria communities.  They blocked ZOA’s resolution for an emergency program for endangered French Jews, and tried to pass a resolution falsely labeling Israelis as “institutionally racist.”

To protect the World Zionist Congress, Israel, and the Jewish people, vote for the ZOA Coalition – Slate #11.

Vote here.