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Endorsement: Ying Tan for New York City Council (CD-43)

By July 6, 2023No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Ying Tan for New York City Council District 43 in Brooklyn.

Tan understands the key issues in the area and also has solutions for the community. She embodies the essence of a grassroots activist candidate who does not shy away from putting in the hard work to get results. Over the past six years, Tan has been volunteering with seniors at senior service centers across the district. “Through my experience working with the people in my community, I have gained a deep appreciation for the importance of community engagement, which has motivated me to seek further opportunities to serve and represent the people in my district,” Tan states.

As an immigrant with two young children in public school, Ying Tan embodies the struggles of navigating the immigrant experience in New York City while dealing with the Radical Left’s nefarious attempts to distance parents from their children’s education. Tan supports expanding accessibility to Gifted and Talented programs, reforming the Specialized High School Admissions Test, and removing aspects of the lottery admissions system.

Tan’s other main policy priorities include combating crime issues and improving healthcare accessibility for senior citizens. The New York Young Republican Club encourages all registered voters of District 43 to vote for Ying Tan in November. We also encourage those outside of the district to volunteer and support in any way they can.