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Endorsement: Yiatin Chu for New York State Senate District 11

By March 19, 2024No Comments

In a political landscape clouded by partisanship and special interests, Yiatin Chu emerges as a beacon of clarity and common sense. Chu’s dedication to the core values that matter most to New Yorkers represents the change we desperately need in our State Senate.


Chu’s background demonstrates her commitment to the well-being of our communities. Stepping away from a successful career in healthcare and media, she chose to champion the causes that truly matter: safe, clean, and affordable cities; high-quality education; and preserving the integrity of our neighborhoods against the encroachment of special interest groups.


Her advocacy for common sense policies, such as supporting law and order, merit-based education, and property owner rights, is a breath of fresh air in a political climate dominated by progressives hell-bent on destroying our city and state. Chu understands that progressive policies like letting accused criminals run free before trial and unchecked illegal immigration have wrought havoc on our local communities and quality of life. She’s not afraid to stand up and fight for effective policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of New Yorkers.


Chu’s track record of grassroots activism speaks volumes about her dedication to making a difference. As a co-founder of PLACE NYC and the Asian Wave Alliance, she has been instrumental in advocating for rigorous, high-quality public education and empowering Asian voters to have a voice in our political process. Her efforts have earned her recognition as one of “The Most Powerful People You Never Heard Of” by New York Magazine—an honor that is well-deserved.


Chu’s personal story, from immigrating to Queens at a young age to earning scholarships and pursuing higher education, exemplifies the resilience and determination that define the American dream. Her roots in the community, combined with her academic achievements and professional experience, uniquely qualify her to represent New York State Senate District 11.


It’s time for change, and Yiatin Chu is the leader we need to bring about that change. The New York Young Republican Club proudly endorse Yiatin Chu for New York State Senate 11, confident that she will be a tireless advocate for the people and values that make New York great.