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Endorsement: Viktor Orbán for Prime Minister of Hungary

By January 24, 2022No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club proudly endorses Viktor Orbán for Prime Minister of Hungary. Orbán served as Prime Minister from 1998 to 2002 and as Leader of the Opposition from 2002 to 2010 before his second premiership began in 2010. Throughout his political career, Orbán has been a great defender of Western Civilization and the rights of the family. Orbán has stalwartly defended the people of Hungary and pushed back against globalist encroachment on his nation’s sovereignty.  

In seeking another term as Prime Minister, Orbán commits to continue his focus on the success of the Hungarian people collectively while respecting and supporting the traditional civil rights of the individual. Orbán’s Hungary has worked toward national self-sufficiency, national sovereignty, family-centered policies, full employment, and the preservation of cultural heritage. Many politicians speak on these issues, but Orbán acts. His leadership was particularly resolute during the 2015 European migrant crisis and subsequent reforms curbing illegal immigration; he built an effective wall along Hungary’s border in which all Hungarians should take pride. He also engineered the eviction of the George Soros-funded Central European University from Hungary, eliminating a toxic entity that fomented hatred of Western Civilization among Hungarian youth. Orbán is a member of the Calvinist Hungarian Reformed Church, while his wife and their five children are Roman Catholic, and he is a stalwart supporter of Christian values in his role as Prime Minister. 

This is the first international endorsement the Club has made, but it is a natural one. The Club has a long history advocating for the Hungarian people when they were under communist rule and has been a friend to Hungary since Hungary’s liberation from communist tyranny. In the past, the Club assisted with the Hungarian Relief Program, offering to sponsor young Hungarian refugees for study at an accredited American college or university in the United States. In 1958, the Club condemned the cruel murders of Imre Nagy and General Pal Maleter by the Soviet Union. 

Today, both the United States of America and countries in Europe like Hungary face an existential crisis. The ruling elite and political establishment’s failed leadership and ideology have eroded the meaning and purpose of citizenship. For those against this ideology and for the preservation of Western civilization for all countries in the West, it is imperative that we stand in support of one another as national communities. The New York Young Republican Club strongly urges all voters in Hungary to help preserve Western Civilization by re-electing Viktor Orbán as Prime Minister of Hungary.