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Endorsement: Stefano Forte for New York State Senate (SD-11)

By January 26, 2022No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club proudly endorses Stefano Forte for New York State Senate District 11. 

A lifelong resident of Northern Queens, Forte has been engaged in community activism since he was 17 years old. His life mission is to be a driving force for positive change in the region. Currently, Forte is the president of the Queens branch of the American Conservation Coalition, a group dedicated to cleaning up the city’s parks and restoring the environment. Forte is also the Republican Male District Leader for AD 25. 

Forte’s family lived the American Dream in New York, but the city and state that nurtured them is falling apart under poor governmental management. Failed leadership has led to spiking crime and homelessness that is rapidly deteriorating city life. Forte would like to make a change in the state government so New York can once again be a place that is hospitable to families, small businesses, and all manner of hard-working Americans. 

Forte would seek to address the failures of the bail reform law of 2019 to begin the remediation of the recent crime wave experienced in New York City. As a common-sense humanitarian, Forte understands that New York’s bail system was in need of revisiting as those with the financial means to post bail for minor crimes often had an unfair advantage over those who did not. However, in its current iteration, the disastrous bail reform law allows criminals to commit hate crimes, possess a gun on playgrounds, and engage in the possession and distribution of illicit images of minors without needing to post bail. 

To prioritize the safety of children and families, Forte will fight the current bail reform law either with common sense reform or by completely replacing it with new legislation. Desired changes would provide judges with the necessary discretion to put those who commit heinous acts such, as the ones outlined above, back in jail, while ensuring that criminals who happen to be homeless are off the streets. Forte’s realistic approach to reverse the trend of rising crime is needed in the New York State Senate.

The New York Young Republican Club strongly urges all Queens District 11 voters to support Stefano Forte for NY State Senator.