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Endorsement: Ray Tierney for Suffolk County District Attorney

By October 18, 2021No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Ray Tierney for District Attorney in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. If elected to serve as District Attorney in Suffolk County, Tierney will focus on the following:  

  • Combating street gangs
  • Fighting back against disastrous bail and criminal justice reform laws
  • Repealing parole reform
  • Handling drug trafficking and overdoses
  • Identity Theft and Cyber Crimes
  • Preventing ransomware attacks
  • Bringing integrity to the DA’s Office
  • Removing politics from Law and Order

Raymond A. Tierney graduated from Brown University in 1988, and St. John’s University Law School in 1992. He worked for 14 years as an Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County. During his career in Suffolk, he investigated and prosecuted cases involving organized crime, street gangs, murders, and other violent street crimes. He also investigated political corruption, domestic violence, child abuse, and child pornography. These prosecutions included long-term investigations in which he supervised the efforts of designated teams of detectives utilizing wiretaps, search warrants, and grand jury investigations in order to uncover criminal activity and bring those responsible to justice.

While at the District Attorney’s office, Tierney prosecuted Austen Offen and Constantine Chronis for the beating of Shane Daniels outside of a Hamptons nightclub in 1996. Offen beat the victim into a coma with the car security device known as the “Club,” while Chronis, an active NYPD officer, held the crowd back with his service revolver.

In 2008, Tierney joined the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. While there, he oversaw complex criminal investigations and prosecuted violations of federal criminal law, including cases involving the Colombian Norte Valle Cartel responsible for importing over 50 tons of cocaine into the United States. Tierney was also responsible for prosecuting international white-collar cases, such as a case against a call center in India utilized to contact and swindle millions of dollars from United States citizens in so-called “IRS Payment” scams.

Much of Tierney’s career has been devoted to the trial and conviction of numerous members of the MS-13 street gang for the commission of murders and other violent crimes on Long Island. He drafted and applied for search and arrest warrants, presented evidence to federal grand juries, prepared and filed indictments, engaged in pretrial discovery, litigated pretrial matters by motion and pretrial hearings, and conducted jury trials and sentencing hearings, putting HUNDREDS of dangerous MS-13 members behind bars.

After the United States Attorney’s Office, Tierney went to the Kings County District Attorney’s Office to run their Violent Criminal Enterprises Bureau, Crime Strategies Unit, and Body-Worn Camera Unit. While in Brooklyn, Tierney oversaw all aspects of long-term violent street gang investigations and prosecutions in the office and worked with the New York Police Department and federal partners on developing investigations to seize guns, prosecute gang murders, and allocate resources to dismantle the many criminal street gangs causing most of the violence in Brooklyn.

Tierney is running on both the Republican and Conservative lines in the November 2021 election. As a career prosecutor, he is not a member of any political party and is running to rid the District Attorney’s Office of the rampant partisan politics it is historically known for. Tierney is particularly concerned with the politicization of criminal justice issues, such as the “Defund the Police” movement, disastrous bail reform laws, and overly burdensome discovery rules, all designed to make it harder to lock criminals away. Tierney and his wife are raising their four children in Suffolk County and want them to grow up in a safe and crime-free environment.

The New York Young Republican Club strongly urges all Long Island residents living in Suffolk County to vote in support of Ray Tierney for District Attorney in Suffolk County this November.