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Endorsement: Paul King for the Fifth Congressional District of New York

By April 29, 2024No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Paul King for the fifth Congressional District of New York. In Congress, King will fight not only for his district, but also for the American Dream. His goal is to restore the promise this country has made to its citizens. He has seen what one-party rule has done to New York and was compelled to combat that in the country. His own district has been in the hands of the Democrat party for over thirty years and the current incumbent has gone unchallenged for seven years. It is for these reasons that the NYYRC is endorsing this champion of civic virtue to enter the arena.

King and his family are lifelong residents of Queens. His family came to the United States from Ellis Island where King’s grandfather arrived as a ten-year-old orphan, only to later establish himself as a strong business owner in Brooklyn, supporting his family through the Great Depression. His family moved into the Rockaway Peninsula, a neighborhood of working-class New Yorkers trying to achieve the American Dream. King’s family struggled to afford an education for King that few could have at the time. The background that King has is not one of splendor and prestige, but one shared by many in his district. The son of working-class immigrants, this surely influenced King and his desire to help the people of his district by running for office.

King has focused much of his time and energy into both his business and community. In 1993, he founded a successful management consulting company with the goal of helping government and private sector solve problems regarding organization and performance. He took this ability to lead and organize and invested it into his local community. He spent decades working in Community Board fourteen, seeking to better the region of Rockaway. Furthermore, he has spent a great deal of time and resources building up local baseball organizations like the CYO baseball team and the Rockaway Little League. He has served in various leadership capacities in his community, ranging from a baseball coach and captain to president of his local civic association. Truly, this King has demonstrated his dedication to his district even before he has been elected to office.

If elected to office, King’s policies would revolve around dealing with issues not only affecting his district, but also much of the US. His goals would be to address the education crisis that has affected the country greatly since the end of COVID. He’d focus on improving the quality of education across the country. Another of his goals would be to reduce the heavy tax burden that small businesses are forced to endure. King knows one of the most important issues facing New Yorkers is the rise in crime and the open border policy the  U.S. currently has adopted. He would support and push for a secure southern border. Furthermore, he would call for punitive measures to be taken against the cartels who have devastated the country through violence and the exporting of fentanyl into the country. He would further bring back public safety by pushing back against the infamous cashless bail law.

Paul King is the most qualified candidate to dethrone the current Democrat incumbency. He has proven this time and time again through not only his support to the community, but also through his support of other candidates. Paul King has shown dedication to the party by helping other candidates run for office. He has actively supported, donated to, and assisted successful races across Queens. Furthermore, his goal of restoring the American Dream to not only his district, but to the entire country is something to be admired. He seeks to serve the people of his district, truly representing them in the House of Representatives. It is for these reasons that the NYYRC proudly endorses Paul King for the fifth Congressional District of New York.