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Endorsement: Nayib Bukele for President of El Salvador

By July 31, 2023No Comments

Happy news arrived from San Salvador earlier this month when the innovative Nuevas Ideas political party confirmed its trust in Nayib Bukele and nominated the sitting president to stand on its behalf in El Salvador’s 2024 presidential election. The winner of the upcoming election will serve until 2029. The New York Young Republican Club has the utmost faith and regard for President Bukele in his mission to restore law and order to El Salvador, and the Club proudly endorses his re-election campaign.

President Bukele began his stewardship of El Salvador in June of 2019, when the young businessman initiated his War on Gangs with the necessary State of Exception and Territorial Control Plan, swiftly detaining thousands of murderous thugs and immediately protecting the honest working men and women of his nation—something 30 years of decrepit bipartisanship had failed to do. President Bukele enjoys one of the highest approval ratings of any current head of state or government, truly merited given his singular attention to the will of his people.

President Bukele’s re-election will signify a continued mandate to forge law and order in El Salvador; we have no doubt that he, armed with the National Civil Police and Salvadoran Army, will persevere in executing such an order!

President Bukele’s decisive actions must serve as inspiration and a blueprint for Americans as we contend with growing domestic lawlessness and urban degeneracy. May our own 2024 election bring us an American Bukele!

Buena suerte on February 4th, President Bukele!