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Endorsement: Mike Lawler for Congress (NY-17)

By November 5, 2022No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Mike Lawler for Congress for New York District 17. Mike Lawler is presently the New York State Assemblyman for District 97. While representing Rockland County in Albany, Lawler has fought for common-sense crime policies to improve public safety and security throughout the state. Additionally, Lawler has advocated for lowering taxes to stimulate economic growth and lessen the negative effects of the COVID pandemic. Lawler understands the profound effects of inflation caused by reckless spending in Washington. He recognizes that many in his district are struggling with the rise in energy and consumer goods prices, and he will continue to push for reform in Congress.

As an Assemblyman, Lawler enacted a successful plan to reduce transportation costs for New Yorkers by initiating a gas tax holiday. To help those in his district as an Assemblyman, Lawler supported the STAR Property Tax Relief benefit to help reduce the effects of inflation for seniors on fixed incomes.

Lawler promises to stand against the policies of the progressive Democrats who wish to defund the police and implement cashless bail policies. He has witnessed firsthand the negative effects of these policies in his home and throughout New York State. Lawler knows that cashless bail policies make communities less safe, and he promises to restore judicial discretion to keep violent criminals off the street.

In a recent interview, Lawler reflected that “Democrats cherrypick the numbers when it comes to cashless bail, but the stats are clear. Index crimes are up 36% since cashless bail took effect. This is unsustainable…. It’s on all of us to vocally oppose cashless bail, demand that judges get the discretion, and ensure that New York State enacts a dangerousness standard. We are the only state in the country that does not have a dangerousness standard and we’re seeing the impacts…. People don’t think the law applies.”

Lawler vows to continue to support common-sense legislation to fight crime and restore public safety for all Americans. The New York Young Republican Club urges all New York State voters in New York District 17 to support Mike Lawler for Congress.