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Endorsement: Michelle Botelho for Connecticut’s Fifth Congressional District

By February 2, 2024No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Michelle Botelho for Connecticut’s Fifth Congressional District. As a Christian and Conservative mother, wife, educator, and community leader, Botelho represents the few Republican candidates running for Congress today not intertwined with the corrupt establishment politicians who fail to prioritize Americans. Botelho is a fresh face for the Republican Party and a force to be reckoned with in Connecticut. 

“We have reached a pivotal moment in this country and now is the time for

strong leaders to lead American style. Unfortunately, most Republicans have

pulled back any semblance of identifying what’s right or wrong in the name of

‘going along to get along,’ while Democrats demand their way or the highway,

codifying their values and their beliefs. The road to hell is paved with good

intentions and I add, it’s bought and paid for,” states Botelho.

Botelho is a daughter of immigrants, a student of government, and a paralegal who has years of experience teaching in our public school system. As a mother and educator, Botelho has first-hand knowledge of the indoctrination happening to our children and has vowed to institute policy changes that would fight against the radicalism our children are subjected to in schools.

Botelho strongly believes in bringing about policy reforms that adhere to traditional values of American excellence and would bring back the prosperity and freedom that has allowed so many Americans to realize their American Dream. Botelho is an America-First candidate who will not betray the American people. If elected to Congress, Botelho vows to secure our border, promote energy independence, rein in government spending, fight against CRT and other woke ideologies, and pass common-sense crime-fighting bills that support law enforcement.

Botelho has been endorsed by various manufacturing companies and small businesses in her district. She pledges to fight to hold our elected officials accountable for corruption and irresponsibility, incentivize small business growth, refocus our military so that it prioritizes merit over DEI, safeguard our First Amendment rights, protect women’s sports, and champion parents’ rights in their children’s education.

The New York Young Republican Club strongly believes Botelho will be an effective leader in Congress and encourages all registered voters of Connecticut’s Fifth Congressional District to support Michelle Botelho in November 2024!