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Endorsement: Michael O’Reilly for New York State Senate in New York’s Tenth Senate District

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Michael O’Reilly for New York State Senate in New York’s Tenth Senate District. A husband, father, pilot, lawyer, Marine veteran, and resident of Broad Channel, O’Reilly has the real life experience to provide common sense solutions to complicated problems. 


Michael O’Reilly is running for the New York State Senate because South Queens currently has no representation from their senator when they need it most. O’Reilly is steadfast that we simply cannot weather yet another term of the current senator. 


O’Reilly graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with honors. After retiring from the United States Marine Corp, O’Reilly attended New York Law School at night while working 60-hour weeks in the Financial District. In addition to being a licensed attorney, O’Reilly was also an airline pilot for a major airline. He attributes his many successes in his life to two things – hard work and perseverance.


O’Reilly is walking the walk – to every corner of the district to meet as many people as possible, over and over again because he recognizes the value of human interactions and conversations when representing a district. The current occupant of our district’s senate seat has run largely unopposed in the last three elections and is comfortably numb. This district needs someone in Albany to fight for South Queens now more than ever.


In the State Senate, O’Reilly has many priorities that he will take point on. O’Reilly is adamant on protecting Queens communities by fighting the housing of illegal immigrants in our neighborhoods. O’Reilly will fight crime by pushing to fund and support the NYPD instead of disrespecting and defunding them. O’Reilly is also seeking to provide Queens students with a quality education. Through funding more STEM programs and other useful classes to encourage job growth and allow students to be able to afford homes in south Queens. O’Reilly will fight for term limits in the state legislature to ensure the same career politicians cannot spend their lives in Albany, uninterrupted. 


This coming November the choice is clear. The voters of South Queens can re-elect another rubber stamp for the Hochul agenda, or they can elect a new, fresh voice for common sense. Somebody who will represent all New Yorkers of all races, religions, ages, creeds and lifestyles. The New York Young Republican Club believes Michael O’Reilly will be an effective State Senator for South Queens and fully endorses him for New York’s Tenth State Senate District.