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Endorsement: Michael Henry for New York Attorney General

By January 11, 2022No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Michael Henry for New York State Attorney General. 

“In the hands of One Party, the great state of New York has fallen into steep decline. I’m running for Attorney General of New York to tackle the issues that matter most to the people who live here: crime, corruption, and COVID justice for grieving nursing home families. Public safety must be the top priority for any elected official, yet bail reform and other pro-criminal measures have left our streets less safe. We currently have a Democrat Attorney General, the state’s chief law enforcement officer, who doesn’t believe in law enforcement. And with One Party in control of our government, corruption runs rampant and unchecked. In particular, families of grieving nursing home families saw that on full display when Andrew Cuomo became a pandemic profiteer. These families still have no justice,” said Michael Henry. 

Public safety is a top priority for Henry and he has firmly taken a stance against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s no-prosecute agenda. With the state already in the grip of a crime crisis, Henry has also advocated for repealing bail reform and putting the focus on crime victims.  

Henry plans to root out the political corruption that has plagued Albany, starting with leading a campaign to promote justice for the victims of Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home scandal.

He also is fighting against non-citizen voting in New York City. Henry will support a Republican Party court action against the city law that Henry says violates the state Constitution and state election law. 

A Queens resident, Henry currently owns a law firm that focuses on commercial litigation. He has also represented many asylum seekers from China fleeing religious and political persecution. Prior to his law career, Henry worked in management in the mortgage industry.

Henry holds a Bachelors’s, Juris Doctorate, and a Master’s in International Relations with a Graduate Certificate in International Law and Diplomacy. Over the past several years, Henry has contributed to the world of legal thought by writing columns on numerous topics, including immigration and public policy. He has also spent time working on various political campaigns and working with numerous political organizations throughout the United States.

Michael Henry is a much-needed voice at this time in the State Attorney General’s office. The New York Young Republican Club strongly urges all citizens in New York to vote for Michael Henry for New York Attorney General.

For more information about Michael Henry, please visit his campaign website, and to make a donation, please click here.