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Endorsement: Mark Foley for City Council (CD-5)

By April 23, 2021No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Mark Foley for the New York City Council District 5 2021 election. Born in exurban Massachusetts and raised by Italian immigrants, Mark currently works as a co-founder of Pendo LLC and The Folson Group, a residential real estate financial consultancy.

In seeking to represent New York City’s 5th District—where he has lived since 1987—in the City Council, Mark intends to bring his problem-solver, forward-thinking, and anti-establishment ideology to City Hall. Mark is a truly unique candidate. He will simultaneously use his vast business, management, and administrative experience coupled with his longstanding grassroots relationship with the district’s citizens to provide effective leadership. His establishment competitor lacks both these skills and this connection to the community.

In crafting his campaign platform, Mark used a common-sense and transparent approach to the issues that face the 5th District. For example, a major issue facing the 5th District (and the whole city) is the Defund The Police movement. Unlike his opponent, Mark has made it clear that he vehemently supports the NYPD and funding it fully.

Another core is an issue that Mark will address is property values. Mark believes New York City can only make a full comeback if property values return to their pre-pandemic levels, and that is only possible if we reject any attempt to do the following: reduce policing on our streets, make it easier for criminals to get out of jail, or bloat the budget. Such actions would only lead to increased property and income taxes or more restrictive policies on already struggling businesses.

Mark also knows about the devastating effects of the Coronavirus lockdown on small businesses and restaurants in the Upper East Side. Mark, unlike his opponents, wants to give the owners of these businesses a voice in the decision-making process so that New York City can enact better guidelines for reopening.

We believe that Mark stands on the right side of issues for the 5th District and can restore New York City to the once-fabled place that people around the world dreamed of visiting. The New York Young Republican Club urges all voters in the 5th City Council District of New York City to stop the rising tide of incompetence, corruption, and cronyism by supporting Mark Foley to serve as their City Councilman.