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Endorsement: Lou Puliafito for Manhattan Borough President

By July 29, 2021No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club proudly endorses Lou Puliafito for Manhattan Borough President. A multigenerational Manhattan native, Puliafito and his family have lived through natural disasters, economic booms, economic busts, social change, terrorism, strikes, blackouts, major scandals, and much more. Puliafito has the first-hand experience of some of the Manhattan political climate’s worst aspects, such as crime and corruption, and has been fighting his whole life for a better reality for New Yorkers. 

Puliafito is an overnight doorman and has substantial experience with unions and also the corporate world, spending most of his career working at Fortune 100 companies. In 2018, he ran for the State Assembly and received 3% of the vote. He ran again in 2020, and, this time, he received 42% of the vote! Puliafito is no stranger to determination, perseverance, and hard work, and believes in common sense, unified solutions for some of Manhattan’s most pressing problems. Puliafito states, 

“The Democratic Machine has been in control of the city and especially in Manhattan for decades. As Manhattan Borough President, I will bring a down-to-earth, common-sense approach in resolving our issues. My tools will be truth, integrity, and empathy. Diverse opinions create doable solutions. There will be no backroom deals and I will call out dishonesty wherever I find it, even in my own party.” 

Puliafito strongly supports integrity in law enforcement and reform, such as officer training, better solutions to domestic violence issues and homelessness, refocusing the housing market, small business growth, education reform, and a prioritization of fighting crime. 

Lou Puliafito’s tenacity, compassion, integrity, and strong practical experience make him a strong candidate for Manhattan Borough President, and the New York Young Republican Club urges all Manhattan voters to support him at the polls.