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Endorsement: Larry Elder for California Governor

By September 13, 2021No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club proudly endorses Larry Elder for Governor of California. Born and raised in the Golden State, Elder is a nationally acclaimed author, radio host, and newspaper columnist who is an outspoken advocate of personal responsibility and good government. We are confident Elder can bring California back from the disastrous policies of Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown.

If elected, Elder will focus on combating rampant crime and homelessness in the state and rescuing a floundering public school system, both of which are problems that have contributed to a decline in California’s population for the first time ever in 2020. In seeking to replace incumbent governor Gavin Newsom, Elder also hopes to implement numerous strong conservative policies within the state: school choice that will allow parents to choose what type of school is best for their children, a reduction in taxes and property prices, and meaningful support to those in need, such as the homeless, by working with nonprofits and religious organizations.

Elder would be a governor of the people! Unlike Gavin Newsom, who was caught disobeying his own draconian COVID-19 protocols, Elder will actually follow the protocols that are put in place for the health and general well-being of Californians.

The New York Young Republican Club strongly urges all California voters to recall Gavin Newsom and support Larry Elder for Governor of California.