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Endorsement: Kenneth Paek for the 25th New York State Assembly District

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Kenneth Paek for the Twenty-Fifth New York State Assembly District. Paek has proven himself to be a man dedicated to serving his community. He has fought tirelessly to keep our nation and our state safe through continued service in both our armed and police forces. He is committed to fighting for public safety and the people of New York. If elected to represent his district in Albany, he would continue his ardent public service by making the streets of New York safe again, providing support for small businesses, and tackling the illegal immigrant crisis head-on. His years of service to the military and police, coupled with his desire to improve his community, make him the ideal candidate for the district.

Upon graduating, Paek felt called to serve in the military and chose to join the Navy. There, he completed his service honorably, achieving the rank of a non-commissioned officer. Upon his departure from the Navy, Paek once again felt called to serve and began his career in the New York Police Department in the fifth precinct. Eventually, due to his valor and distinction, Paek was given the opportunity to join the Emergency Service Unit. The ESU is a rapid-response force that responds to everything from search and rescue operations to deadly shootouts with criminals. It takes a strong individual to become part of such a unit and to put his life on the line for the public good. Paek did so willingly and gladly, and was eventually promoted to the rank of Detective Specialist. He continued his career in the 109th precinct and dealt with serious crimes during his tenure. He ended his police career with honor, choosing to move to a different career in public service.

Paek now intends to run for public office and help to fix the issues that the government in Albany has chosen to ignore. One of his main concerns has to do with protecting small businesses. The past decade has seen not only an increase in street violence and crime, but also the collapse of the small businesses community across New York due to bad policy. According to Paek, the state has made it impossible to open a small business for any long period of time. The COVID-19 lockdowns, high taxation, and a lax stance on crime have made starting a business a risky venture. As a small business owner himself, he understands this quite well, and as an elected official would lend support to many of these businesses, cut taxes, and end the red tape that blocks individuals from starting a business. He would also deal with the rampant issue of crime that has been plaguing our streets. 

As a former police officer, public safety is Paek’s top priority, and he understands that we must work with the police – not against them – to reduce crime. His firsthand experience gives him insight into the many issues that are facing police and other public safety officers across the state. Finally, he seeks to deal with the illegal immigrant crisis. He believes that the migrants coming into the city are being treated better than the average citizen, and are unfairly being given far more support despite the many problems the state is already facing. Allowing illegal migrants to enter our country freely deprives the young and the elderly alike of better social programs, such as food stamps and education. Taking a look at the budget, one can see roughly 735 million dollars have been spent already on illegal immigrant care in April with a projected 4.3 billion by 2025. Roughly only 500 million has been given out to small businesses, a vital part of the New York economy. The billions of dollars that are being spent on illegal immigrants can either go to help revitalize the economy in New York or on its citizens.  Paek believes firmly in the idea that New York State taxpayers should get priority for benefits. As an Assemblyman, it is clear that Paek would put New Yorkers first.

The New York Young Republican Club seeks to endorse those who have shown themselves as committed to the public good. Through his many years of service and desire to help those in his district, it is clear Kenneth Paek is one of those individuals. Throughout his time in the Navy and the police force, he has provided exemplary service. His devotion to the public good through his years of service in the military and police have shown he has what it takes to lead the Twenty-Fifth New York State Assembly district.