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Endorsement: Josh Eisen for United States Senate in New York

By January 22, 2024No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Josh Eisen for United States Senator in New York. Eisen, a lifelong New Yorker, a successful business owner, and a father of three, is the right choice for New Yorkers during this critical time. Eisen is a leader, not only in his professional life, but also in his community. He has a proven track record of selflessly fighting for the people in New York in various ways, whether that is as a job creator, as a humanitarian, or as an educator.

Now, more than ever, New York needs a true leader who can not only understand the struggle New Yorkers are dealing with on a daily basis in the midst of a rapidly-declining society fraught with a surging crime crisis, an illegal immigrant crisis, a housing crisis, and an economic crisis, but can also develop the original solutions needed to start addressing these pressing issues. In the Senate, Eisen will push forward tough-on-crime policies, public housing reforms that put power back in the hands of residents, policies that drastically scale back big government regulation, and an approach that prioritizes Americans on the world stage.

Josh’s background and upbringing as a child of immigrants has shaped his life experience in such a way as to have uniquely positioned him to make the American Dream a reality for him and his family. Josh’s father survived Auschwitz, slave labor, and the Communist Revolution in Hungary before immigrating to the United States. This family experience is primarily what drives Josh’s inspiration to do everything in his power to ensure that the American Dream is a reality accessible to each and every New Yorker.

Josh understands that preserving the American Dream starts with facing the dire reality of this country’s political climate and speaking the truth about what is at stake and what must get done to get Americans’ lives back on track. Unlike the current Senators from New York, Josh has a selfless stake in fighting for New Yorkers to regain their strength and quality of life.

Among his many accomplishments, Josh is the owner of several businesses and a passionate community activist and volunteer who has dedicated countless hours of his time to understanding the unique challenges of New Yorkers’ social and economic lives in various communities throughout the state. Josh knows firsthand the hard work and discipline that are required to succeed, and is intimately familiar with the challenges that come with being an innovator building from the bottom up.

As a fighter, motivator, and believer, Josh is fully committed to representing the people of New York in a way that gives them the best possible chance at fulfilling their version of the American Dream and securing their safety and freedom, even when it is being attacked from all sides. With strong faith and strong leadership, Josh Eisen will pave the way for a new cohort of political leaders in New York to step up and elevate the concerns and hardships of New Yorkers to the highest levels of government. The New York Young Republican Club strongly encourages all registered voters in New York to support Josh Eisen for United States Senate in November 2024!