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Endorsement: Joseph Maffia for New York State Assembly (AD-75)

By July 2, 2022No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club proudly endorses Joseph Maffia for New York State Assembly in District 75. Maffia embodies the American dream. Through hard work and determination, Maffia pulled himself and his family out of poverty. After graduating from Iona College and becoming a public accountant, Maffia joined one of the largest accounting firms and eventually started his own. Maffia worked on high-profile tax evasion cases and grew his reputation for management and organization. With years of experience, Maffia merged his own firm with a top 25 accountancy firm, Janover LLC.

Maffia’s expertise in problem-solving and economic strategy leads him to take on the challenge of fixing New York State’s financial crisis once Assemblyman. Maffia states, “As a CPA and business owner, NY Economy is an important issue to me. I don’t just talk about numbers, I KNOW the numbers and I hope you’ll trust me to put my knowledge and experience to work”. Maffia promises to fight for the reversal of such policies and instead implement economic policies to stimulate growth in all boroughs. Maffia knows that fighting crime and revitalizing neighborhoods is essential to New York’s recovery post-pandemic. 

Maffia recognizes that the quality of life in his district has been falling, and is ready to bring creative solutions to the New York State Assembly. Maffia seeks to address the severe rise in crime and homelessness plaguing each of the boroughs. Maffia credits the disastrous no cash bail reform policies of the New York democrats and lack of mental health and addiction treatment and prevention programs for the steep decline in quality of life. Maffia promises to push to “reinstate cash bail for repeat offenders of nonviolent felonies and more serious crimes. There needs to be a better balance of bail for first-time offenses versus repeat offenders.” 

Additionally, Maffia recognizes the power of art to heal communities and inspire the youth. Maffia successfully implemented the arts and culture line on the 2022 New York ballot because he firmly believes ‘art saves lives’. The New York Young Republican Club strongly urges all New York voters to support Joseph Maffia for New York Assembly in District 75.