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Endorsement: John James for United States Senate (Michigan)

By October 28, 2020No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse John James to represent Michigan in the U.S. Senate. A husband, father, combat veteran, and businessman, John has put others before himself for his entire life. After graduating from West Point and becoming a Ranger-qualified aviation officer, John served with distinction in Operation Iraqi Freedom as a pilot and leader of two Apache platoons, serving a total of eight years as an Army Officer. Upon his return to civilian life, John returned to Michigan to work in the family business, James Group International, an integrated supply chain solutions business where he serves as President and CEO of one of the Group’s subsidiaries. Beyond growing the company into an important trading partner with Michigan’s automotive industry and creating local jobs, John also served on committees for Governor Rick Snyder and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, and received a Master of Supply Chain Management and Information Systems degree from Penn State University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

John is a true leader who has demonstrated his results-oriented mentality as both a combat veteran and a civilian business executive. His father was born in 1941 Mississippi, where despite the odds against him, he chose not to be a victim before going on to Detroit and founding a business that has since thrived. In choosing to believe in the American Dream and American Capitalism, John’s father created a legacy for his family to uphold with humility, tenacity, and perseverance, which John has done in spades. His platform supports workforce development via allowing shortened workweeks to support trade skill development and incentives to defray the cost of childcare; infrastructure overhaul, including ubiquitous statewide broadband access; a market-based, patient-centered approach to healthcare that includes ACA reform; protecting Medicare and social security, as well as access for those with pre-existing conditions; a strong stance against illegal immigration, including support for Kate’s Law and defunding “sanctuary cities”; and individual rights as declared by our Constitution as natural rights, such as those supporting the Second Amendment, the right to life via adoption reform, and improving women’s access to upward career mobility.

John’s demonstrated leadership by example, selfless service of country and community, entrepreneurial work ethic, strong family and Christian values, and faithful support of our Constitutional rights will serve residents of Michigan well, and all Americans will benefit from his unwavering resolve. John’s willingness to stand for his beliefs and represent constituents seeking results – not politicians seeking reelection – is needed in Washington now more than ever before. The New York Young Republican Club urges all voters within Michigan to stop the advance of Communism and support John James as their next Senator.