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Endorsement: Joe Borelli for Public Advocate

By June 28, 2019December 20th, 2019No Comments

The New York Young Republicans are proud to endorse Joe Borelli for New York City Public Advocate.

Joe Borelli is uniquely qualified for this office due to his current service on the City Council where he is one of the only checks on Mayor de Blasio’s leftist agenda. New York City needs a true leader to stand up to Mayor de Blasio instead of a rubber stamp looking to use the Public Advocate position to springboard to higher political office.

Joe Borelli is the leader this city needs and will return money to overtaxed New Yorkers by cutting down the Public Advocate’s office to a skeleton crew.

We look forward to working with Joe Borelli in order to hold Mayor de Blasio accountable for his actions and lack thereof as he continues his quixotic campaign for president.