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Endorsement: Dr. Michael Goldstein for Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District

By June 17, 2024No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Dr. Michael Goldstein for Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District. With his plethora of experience fighting for the American people over a period of decades, Dr. Goldstein has shown the tenacity, credentials, perseverance, and conservative principles required to be a powerful, honorable, and selfless representative for the people of Connecticut.

Dr. Goldstein is a Board-Certified Physician of over forty years. He served as the President of the New York County Medical Society for two terms and still serves as a Board Member. For over four decades, Dr. Goldstein has been on the front lines of the medical industry, fighting for his patients and saving thousands of lives. 

Beyond his medical experience, Dr. Goldstein has worked numerous blue-collar jobs, is also a lawyer, and currently serves as an elected City Councilman at the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting. He has published numerous articles in health law journals and is a strong proponent of healthcare reform that puts Americans and their healthcare needs first. 

Dr. Goldstein has made it very clear that the American people and their healthcare needs are at the crux of his medical and legal training and his extensive grassroots activism. A great example is that, as an active member of the Board of Managers of the SUNY Downstate College of Medicine Alumni Association, Dr. Goldstein has worked to give scholarships and grants to economically-disadvantaged medical students, easing their financial burdens and providing them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

The New York Young Republican Club strongly believes that Dr. Goldstein will leverage his vast experience in the healthcare activism field to fight the Radical Left’s agenda in Congress. His common-sense, America-First approach will focus on shrinking government, fighting corruption at the core of our institutions, reducing healthcare costs and administrative burdens, protecting our freedoms, championing pro-American healthcare legislation, empowering small business growth, and eradicating anti-semitism. 

Dr. Goldstein recently received the endorsement of the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY). This is the first time in recent history that the MSSNY has endorsed a candidate that is not an incumbent, and the MSSNY stated that “physicians need more physicians in Congress to represent their interests.”

As we approach the most pivotal election in recent memory, we recognize that Connecticut, just like every state in this country, requires strong Republican, conservative, America-First candidates who are prepared to protect the American people from the Left’s years-long plan to destroy this country. The New York Young Republican Club believes Dr. Goldstein is one such candidate well-equipped to put the state of Connecticut back on track, and encourages all registered Republicans to vote for Dr. Michael Goldstein in Connecticut’s primary on August 13th. Please note that Early Voting will take place August 5th through August 11th.