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Endorsement: Dmitriy Kugel for New York State Assembly (AD-47)

By October 31, 2022No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Dmitriy Kugel for New York State Assembly for District 47 in southern Brooklyn. Kugel is an experienced corporate controller who promises to bring common-sense economic and crime policy back to New York City. Kugel has witnessed the consistent rise in radical left-wing policies amongst the Democrats and wishes to be a voice against the radical agenda of the Democratic majority in Albany.

Kugel feels that democrats, especially the current Assemblyman for District 47 Bill Colton, have failed to protect his community and the surrounding boroughs in New York. Kugel remarks, “Democrats like Bill Colton don’t take crime seriously. We must make serious changes to our criminal justice system. Violent criminals and repeat offenders need more than a slap on the wrist and no-show court appearances. Bill Colton favors criminal privilege over public safety. I’ll do better. VOTE.” Kugel is frustrated with the disastrous consequences of soft-on-crime policies produced in Albany.

Kugel states, “Colton is desperate to put distance between his do-nothing 26 years in office & his own Democratic Party. Look out for one of his “classic” rallies – this one probably about homelessness – which ignores the simple fact that Democrats like him are to blame for the policy failings plaguing our borough, city, & state. The 47th AD has had two Assemblymembers in 49 years! Colton is killing time and wasting ours. New York Republicans will do better.”

Kugel promises to support New York families and schools through strategic economic planning and legislation. The New York Young Republican Club urges all New York voters in District 47 to vote for Dmitriy Kugel for New York State Assembly.