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Endorsement: Brian Fox for City Council (CD-43)

By October 3, 2021No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Brian Fox for New York City Council District 43. Fox is a local business owner from Bay Ridge and founder/managing partner of Phillip Martin Talent Advisors and he has recently entered politics to represent his family, friends, and neighbors. In his own words, 

I was just tired of saying ‘someone should do something about it and therefore I decided to jump into the ring and take a stand against this insanity. I want to be a voice for all my neighbors who have been harmed by this current administration’s reckless agenda… I may just be an ‘average citizen,’ but I believe the ‘little guy’ deserves to be heard at City Hall, too!” 

After encouragement from friends, family, and other community leaders, Brian Fox decided to go all in. “I am proud to say, I am not a politician, and never had any intention of being involved…I’m just a local neighbor who is fed up with politics,” states Fox.  If elected to New York’s City Council, Brian Fox would focus on returning accountability and responsibility to the Council. He supports:

  • Fully funding & supporting the NYPD
  • Increasing quality of life 
  • Taking care of our seniors
  • Supporting local business interests

“I live and work in South Brooklyn and this last year, our community has had to deal with a destructive and deadly pandemic. The response was handled horribly by our local representatives: seniors were sent to die in unprotected senior living facilities, businesses have lost everything, and crime has skyrocketed. We must support the NYPD. Our local cops keep all of us safe and they put themselves out on the line to prevent us from harm. I’d like to have more cops on the beat, especially on all major streets and avenues, and I want to refund the police in response to the current councilman’s dangerous defunding efforts. There has been a tremendous uptick in theft, vandalism, graffiti, and general crime, all under the watch of our current leadership, and I want to be a voice for many of my neighbors who have been harmed by this current administration’s reckless agenda,” states Fox.

Regarding plans for the district, Brian Fox elaborates, “I plan to work with the Third Ave. Merchants Association and other organizations to help create local events, giveaways, fundraisers, and more in order for small businesses to communicate and advertise in a more streamlined manner and help them effectively reach local consumers and customers.” “I will be working with individual owners to create e-commerce platforms for them to sell items and goods online as well.”

Brain Fox has already been endorsed by the Brooklyn GOP, the Brooklyn Conservative Party, and the Verrazzano Republican Club. The NYYRC is proud to join our neighboring Republican and Conservative Clubs in endorsing Brian’s candidacy for New York’s City Council District 43.  

The New York Young Republican Club strongly urges all New Yorkers living in Brooklyn in the neighborhoods of: Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, and Bath Beach to vote for Brian Fox for New York City Council District 43.