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Endorsement: Brandon Castro for New York State Assembly District 30

By April 9, 2024No Comments

Brandon Castro has long been recognized as a steadfast advocate for truth, unwavering in the face of adversity. As a student at Queens College, Castro was a leader, an advocate, and a fighter. He actively worked to improve the lives of young men and women by advocating for self-improvement practices, the meaning of responsibility, and overall quality of life changes to boost students’ confidence and prepare them for the many obstacles life will bring. Despite encountering opposition at every turn, Castro’s unwavering determination fuels his commitment to amplifying voices and championing causes that matter most.


After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science, Castro’s journey of leadership, advocacy, and resilience only began to flourish. Now, at the age of 24, Castro’s candidacy stands as a resounding rebuttal to the entrenched political elite who have long neglected the concerns of hard-working individuals. Castro currently serves as a Community Liaison at NYC Small Business Services, assisting business owners and informing them on the resources and services they can utilize to support their businesses. Castro has dedicated much of his time to speaking up for others. Now, as a candidate for the New York State Assembly, Brandon Castro is ready to be the loudest and strongest advocate for his community.


His campaign serves as a testament to the belief that every individual—regardless of age, gender, or background—deserves representation that prioritizes their needs and aspirations. He is a truly grassroots candidate. He can always be found talking to constituents, community leaders and those in need. His desire is neither for worldly power nor to increase his own status. His true desire is to serve the people of District 30, which has been ignored by those currently in office. His district is now in dire straits. Roads left unpaved, crime left unchecked. District 30 has become a hotbed for sexual exploitation and trafficking operations. Despite all these problems, the average voter is paying more and more with taxes. 


The elected officials of District 30 seek to bleed their constituents dry while giving nothing in return. This is why Castro has decided to throw his hat in the ring. He sees the way his district is headed. Out of a want to help and better his community, he has taken up the mantle of State Assembly candidate. If elected to the position, he will combat lawlessness by supporting the police and ensure that the State Assembly of New York pays close attention to the needs of District 30. In many ways, Castro embodies populist ideals that began with President Trump.


He has actively involved himself in the Trump Campaign, volunteering during various election cycles, including the recent presidential primary. He has made it clear that he has not forgotten his roots. Through many deployments for President Trump he has actively aided and supported him and his populist message. Now that same brand of populism is what drives his campaign for Assembly. Before deciding to run for State Assembly, Castro amassed an impressive array of titles and responsibilities, including serving as an Academic Senate Delegate, Career Development Chairman, University Student Senate Delegate, and USS Scholarship Committee Chair, among others. 


Throughout his prior roles, Castro has never been afraid to stand out and speak up for his beliefs. He has a clear motivation to help the people around him. He primarily seeks to help the downtrodden and ignored of his district. He bites back against the elites who have disregarded District 30. With his strength of character, Brandon Castro is a phenomenal candidate and the New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse  his candidacy for New York State Assembly in the 30th District of Queens.