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Endorsement: Benine Hamdan for Congress (NY-10)

By August 10, 2022No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to endorse Benine Hamdan for Congress in New York’s tenth district. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Hamdan attended FDR High School in Mapleton and graduated from St. John’s University in Queens. Hamdan developed a passion and talent for public service during her education. She began her career as a risk analyst of public infrastructure projects to improve the economies of communities abroad. Hamdan is now a partner at an investment firm, and she often manages economic improvement projects. Hamdan has guided long-term public infrastructure projects abroad, and promises to apply these skills at home once in Congress. 

Her expertise in managing project budgets will allow her to utilize public expenditure to stimulate growth in New York’s tenth district. Through her unique perspective, Hamdan will improve the quality of life in her district through strategically investing in her communities’ children, parents, and neighborhoods. 

Hamdan, like many New Yorkers, is horrified by the rise in random acts of violence throughout New York City. Hamdan reflects, “We certainly cannot rely on Jerry mander… I mean Jerry Nadler. While his constituents are terrified to walk down the street, Nadler has been working with our weak DA Alvin Bragg to go soft on sentences for violent crime and enact bail reform that lets criminals out of jail and back onto our streets, like the murderer who took Michelle Go’s life. These disgusting and cowardly policies resulted in a 40% increase in murder, robbery, rape, aggravated assault, burglary, car theft and grand larceny compared to last year.” Knowing that career politicians like Jerry Nadler put their personal career self-interests ahead of those of their constituents, Hamdan promises to fight “soft on crime” policies that continue to plague her district and the rest of the country. 

As a member of Congress, Hamdan will responsibly invest in local infrastructure and support policies that incentivize finishing projects on time. Hamdan will work to end the overly political and wasteful spending on simple projects that take decades to complete. Hamdan vows to get projects done without exorbitant costs to the American people.

The New York Young Republican Club strongly urges all NY-10 district voters to support Benine Hamdan for Congress.