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Partnership with the Armenian Republican Association

By October 20, 2020No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is honored to announce a partnership with the Armenian Republican Association. The Armenian Republican Association connects conservative Armenians throughout the United States bonded by their commitment to ensuring that the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian diaspora’s interests are represented by American politicians.

This new partnership underscores the New York Young Republican Club’s determination to support the Armenian people in their homeland and across the globe. Previously, we have condemned historic Turkish aggression against Armenians and other neighboring groups. We have also advocated for full international recognition that the Armenian people hold the sole legitimate claim to Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh). Since that time, Turkish and Azeri aggression has only increased, and the Western media blackout of the heinous acts of violence against innocent Armenians has only expanded.

We were heartened to see Armenian flags and signs condemning terroristic Turkish and Azeri aggression along the motorcade route to President Donald J Trump’s recent fundraiser in Newport Beach, CA. During his subsequent rally in Carson City, NV, President Trump acknowledged the Armenians and Armenian supports whom he saw in Newport Beach, and he expressed his fondness for the Armenian people. He noted that he and his team “are working on some things” to resolve the ongoing crisis. The New York Young Republican Club hopes that these “things” include economic and trade sanctions on Turkey and Azerbaijan and formal consideration of the expulsion of Turkey from NATO.

The New York Young Republican Club will always stand back and stand by in defense of the Armenian people, and we look forward to deepening our relationship with the Armenian Republican Association in defense of one of the world’s oldest and most distinctive countries.