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State of the Club Address 1953

Presented by President John G. Linsner, 1953.

1953 opened as a year of victory and renewed hope.  For the first time in over twenty years, we have a Republican President.  Our Club may well be proud of its contribution to our Party’s success in the recent election.  The real credit for this achievement, however, belongs to those who carried on the fight during the last twenty years, who campaigned all the harder under what must have sometimes seemed to be hopeless circumstances.  It is to the determined efforts of such people that we owe the survival and eventual victory of our Party.  Our Club during these years was at the forefront of the fight.  From among its members have come many of the leaders of our Party who brought and secured victory first in our State and then in our Nation, earning for our Club the title of “The West Point of the Republican Party.”  Some of these Club members are now engaged in leading our nation back to a sound and honest government, so that there may be hope and opportunity for the future.  We are justly proud of our Club and of those members who have brought it such honors.  The time is appropriate to rededicate ourselves to those high values and purposes which we have thus inherited.  

We are now engaged in a mayoralty campaign and preparing ourselves for the vital gubernatorial and congressional elections next year.  There is an opportunity and need for every Club member who can participate in these efforts.  The work to be done is varied, ranging from the quietude of research to the bluster of sound truck speaking.  There are some 23 committees in the Club, each on performing an important task.  The real work of the Club is carried on here.  Every member can find something of interest to him among these varied activities.  The Club will be influential and contribute to our Party in direct proportion to the membership participation.  Now is the time to attend that committee function you have been planning to do “some time”.  It is not difficult to become integrated into our Club, and the rewarding experiences to be had and friendships to be made will make you glad you did.