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State of the Club Address 1951

Presented by President Warren L. Schnur, 1951.

The current year finds the New York Young Republican Club seething with optimistic anticipation of the 1952 Presidential campaign.  At this early date, the various committees of the Club are already at work planning for Victory in 1952.  

Among the many Club committees working with an eye to the Chicago convention in July of next year are the 1952 Presidential Committee, which is preparing a series of forums with representatives of the major Presidential aspirants; the National and Foreign Affairs Committees, which are working on a proposed platform to be submitted for consideration; and the Membership Committee, which is continually building up the rolls of the Club with manpower. 

While the Club is concentrating on November of 1952, it is not overlooking the local campaigns of November 1951.  Up until the time of the designation of the Republican candidate for President of the City Council, the Club worked tirelessly for an anti-Tammany coalition movement.  It is presently engaged in cooperating with the Republican candidate in the forthcoming election.  The Speakers’ Bureau, Political Education, Campaign, and City Affairs Committees are preparing to make a practical contribution to the campaign.  In addition, the Club will again go all out for the election of its member, Honorable Charles D. Breitel, who is a candidate for a full fourteen-year term on the State Supreme Court. 

The varied activities of the Club continue with intensity and interest.  For the first time in many years, the Club’s committees have held meetings during the summer months.  The Publications Committee is operating in full swing and will publish the Club newspaper each month during the active Club season.  The Luncheon Committees, Uptown, and Downtown have grown in membership participation and offer outstanding speakers in all walks of public and business life.  

A review of the Club’s past participation in Republican politics, both as to candidates and workers, indicates the real contribution made by Young Republicans in New York City. 

The New York Young Republican Club, the largest Young Republican organization in the United States, will continue its active contributions to the City, State, and Nation in an aggressive and independent manner.  The membership continues to uphold the ideals upon which the Club was founded and to prepare themselves for a useful life in the Party.  It is imperative that all members maintain their active participation so that the heritage of the New York Young Republican Club of independence, resourcefulness, and contributions to Good Government may endure.